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《亲爱的白种人第四季》 - 亲爱的白种人第四季观看免费完整版《亲爱的白种人》第四季为最终季,共10集,由狮门影业开发,计划于2021年播出。届时马克·理查德森、洛根·布朗宁、布兰登·P·贝尔、安托瓦内特·罗伯逊、德龙·霍顿、约翰·帕特里克·阿梅多利、阿什莉·布莱恩·费瑟森将悉数回归。


Father:do you know?Today is a great occasion of nation stanza, the anti- day is also successful! Son:??Great occasion of nation stanza?Is just Chinese? Father:do you guess a foreign country to have? Son:this I also don't know, affirming is "the country is disgusted with stanza"! Father:...... 爸爸:你知道吗?今天是国庆节,抗日也成功啦! 儿子:??国庆节?只是中国的吗? 爸爸:你猜猜外国有没有? 儿子:这我还不知道,肯定是\"国厌节\"啦! 爸爸:......

初中英语小作文 在线求!!

这是一篇很容易读懂的英文短诗。上个世纪,南非的黑白种族隔离政策曾让非洲原住民遭到许多不平等待遇,而本诗作者以天生肤色的差异,来表达心中的不满与无奈。Dear white, something you got to know 亲爱的白种人,有几件事你必须知道。 When I was born, I was black. 当我出生时,我是黑色的 When I grow up, I am black. 我长大了,我是黑色的 When I'm under the sun, I'm black. 我在阳光下,我是黑色的 When I'm cold, I'm black. 我寒冷时,我是黑色的 When I'm afraid, I'm black. 我害怕时,我是黑色的 When I'm sick, I'm black. 我生病了,我是黑色的 When I die, I'm still black. 当我死了,我仍是黑色的。you---white people, 你---白种人 When you were born, you were pink. 当你出生时,你是粉红色的 When you grow up, you become white. 你长大了,变成白色的 You're red under the sun. 你在阳光下,你是红色的 You're blue when you're cold. 你寒冷时,你是青色的 You are yellow when you're afraid. 你害怕时,你是黄色的 You're green when you're sick. 你生病时,你是绿色的 You're gray when you die. 当你死时,你是灰色的 And you, call me "color"? 而你,却叫我「有色人种」?或A 747 was halfway across the Atlantic when the captain got on the loud speaker, "Attention, passengers. We have lost one of our engines, but we can certainly reach London with the three we have left. Unfortunately, we will arrive an hour late as a result." Shortly thereafter, the passengers heard the captain's voice again, "Guess what, folks. We just lost our third engine, but please be assured we can fly with only one. We will now arrive in London three hours late." At this point, one passenger became furious. "For Pete's sake," he shouted, "If we lose another engine, we'll be up here all night!"只剩一个引擎一架747客机正在跨越大西洋时,喇叭里传来了机长的声音:“旅客们请注意,我们的四个引擎中有一个丢失了。但剩下的三个引擎会把我们带到伦敦的。只是我们要因此晚到一小时 。” 过了一会儿,旅客们又听到机长的声音:“各位,你们猜怎么啦 ?我们刚又掉了第三个引擎。但请你们相信好了。只有一个引擎我们也能飞,但要晚三个小时了。” 正在这时,一位乘客非常气愤地说:“看在上帝的份上,如果我们再掉一个引擎,我们就要整夜都要呆在天上了。”或Directions: Four suggested solutions to this problem are listed below. You are supposed to write in favour of one suggestion(ONE only)and against another(ONE only). You should give your reasons in both cases.四种可能解决住房问题的方案1.多造高层建筑2.向地下发展3.建造卫星城市4. 疏散城市人口How to Solve the Housing Problem in Big Cities范文: The shortage of housing is one of the most serious problems facing many big citeis in China. Though the government has spent a large sum of money on housing, the investment has produced little financial return and a housing shortage still persists. Two generations sharing one room and newly-married couples finding it difficult to have a house of their own are still common cases. Housing shortage is a problem that requires and urgent solution. People's attitudes towards the solution to the housing problem are different. Some suggest to build more high-rise apartments; others believe to develop underground housing areas. I am in favour of the former opinion. For one thing, it is cheaper to build above gound than below. For another, living underground for a long time will do harm to people's health. Above all, people are unwilling to live unerground with artificial lighting and they prefer to live above ground to enjoy the sunshine. Although there may be some other ways to solve the housing shortage problem, I believe to build more high-rise apartments is one of the promising solutions to the housing problem. 或Interview God 采访上帝 "Come in," God said to me, "so, you would like to interview Me?" “进来”,上帝 对我说,“你想采访我?” "If you have the time," I said. “是的,如果您有时间的话。” 我说。 He smiled through His beard and said: "My time is called eternity and is enough to do everything; what questions do you have in mind to ask me?" 上帝 微笑了,笑容通过他的胡须绽开,说:“我时间的名字叫永恒,足足可以做任何事情。你心里有什麽问题想问我?” "None that are new to you. What's the one thing that surprises you most about mankind?" “对您来说是没有新鲜的提问的。人类让您感到最惊奇的事情是什麽呢?” He answered: "That they get bored of being children, are in a rush to grow up, and then long to be children again. That they lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health. That by thinking anxiously about the future, they forget the present, such that they live neither for the present nor the future. That they live as if they will never die, and they die as if they never had never lived..." 上帝 回答道:“人类在做孩子的时候感到无聊,盼望着长大,长大后又向往着返回童年;他们浪费自己的健康去赢得个人的财富,然后又浪费自己的财富去重建自身的健康;他们焦虑地憧憬未来,忘记了眼前的生活,活得既不是为了现在也不是为了将来;他们活得似乎永远不会死,他们死得也好像从来没活过…” His hands took mine and we were silent. After a long period, I said, "May I ask you another question?" 上帝 握着我的手,我们一阵沉默。过了好长一段时间,我说:“我可以再问您一个问题吗?” He replied with a smile. 上帝用微笑回答了我。 "As a Father, what would you ask your children to do for the new year?" “作为天父,在新的一年里您会要求您的子民做什么?” "To learn that they cannot make anyone love them. What they can do is to let themselves be loved. “去学习人不能强迫别人爱自己,能做的是让自己接受爱; To learn that it takes years to build trust, and a few seconds to destroy it. 去了解信誉需要多年的努力去建立,但几秒钟就可以毁掉; To learn that what is most valuable is not what they have in their lives, but who they have in their lives. 去懂得最有价值的不是他们生活中拥有的东西,而是他们生活里的人; To learn that it is not good to compare themselves to others. There will be others better or worse than they are. 去学会把自己和别人攀比是不好的,比上不足比下总是有余; To learn that a rich person is not one who has the most, but is one who needs the least. 去学知富有的人不是他的财产最多,而是他对生活的要求最少; To learn that they should control their attitudes, otherwise their attitudes will control them. 去学会应该端正他们的态度,否则他们的态度会控制他们; To learn that it only takes a few seconds to open profound wounds in persons we love, and that it takes many years to heal them. 去了解深深地伤害我们所爱的人只需要几秒钟,然而要愈合这个伤口需要许多年; To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness. 去通过宽恕的行为学习饶恕。 To learn that there are persons that love them dearly, but simply do not know how to show their feelings. 去明白有很多人关爱着他们,只是这些人不懂得如何表达自己的情感; To learn that money can buy everything but happiness. 去了解钱可以买万物,就是买不到幸福; To learn that while at times they may be entitled to be upset, that does not give them the right to upset those around them. 去懂得在某些时候他们有资格愤怒,但愤怒本身没有给他们权力让身边的人不安; To learn that great dreams do not require great wings, but a landing gear to achieve. 去学习伟大的梦想不需要有伟大的翅膀,有落地的齿轮才能使梦想成真; To learn that true friends are scarce, he/she who has found one has found a true treasure. 去了解真正的朋友非常稀罕,找到了的人找到了真正的财富; To learn that they are masters of what they keep to themselves and slaves of what they say. 去懂得自己是守住的言语的主人、脱口的奴隶; To learn that they shall reap what they plant; if they plant gossip they will harvest intrigues, if they plant love they will harvest happiness. 去懂得种什么收什么,如果散播流言蜚语他们就收获钩心斗角,如果种植爱心他们就收获欢乐; To learn that true happiness is not to achieve their goals but to learn to be satisfied with what they already achieved. 去学会真正的幸福不是实现自己的目标,而是满足于所达到的成就; To learn that happiness is a decision. They decide to be happy with what they are and have, or die from envy and jealousy of what they lack. 去得知幸福是一种决定,他们决定为自己是谁自己有什么快乐地活,或为自己所没有的东西羡慕妒嫉地死; To learn that two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different. 去明白两个人看同样的事情会看到完全不同的东西; To learn that those who are honest with themselves without considering the consequences go far in life. 去学到那些能诚实地面对自己、不担心后果的人,人生之路能走得很远; To learn that even though they may think they have nothing to give, when a friend cries with them, they find the strength to appease the pain. 去了解尽管有时可能认为自己无能为力,但是当一位朋友同他们一起挥泪的时候,他们能找到生活的勇气去抚平伤痛; To learn that by trying to hold on to love ones, they very quickly push them away; and by letting go of those they love, they will be side by side forever. 去懂得试图抓住所爱的人,所爱的人会推开你;给所爱的人以自由,他们会永远在你的左右。 To learn that even though the word "love" has many different meanings, it loses value when it is overstated. 去学习尽管爱这个字含义很广,滥用这个字会失去她的价值; To learn that they can never do something extraordinary for Me to love them; I simply do. 去明白他们永远不能用特殊的举动使我爱他们,我爱人类不需要理由; To learn that the shortest distance they could be from Me is the "the distance of a prayer." 去认识到他们和我最靠近的距离是“祈祷者的距离”。